While So Distant

By - Riya Bagchi in Fiction
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Published on: 13th Feb, 2013

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I met him again. That's all I can think of for now. Pasts sometimes can make you get so involved and attached, that you forget that you even have a present to live in. That's what happens to most.. after left alone to lead another life, you are not so familiar with.. Dedicated to someone special.. From Far Away `Riya Bagchi NOTE: Parts of the story are exaggerated and has no relationship between the reality and what's written. Works are fictional at many places to add more drama. Any resemblance to any characters living or dead is purely coincidental. STORY LINE: Sophia Green, an Indian woman with Western mindset, 16, torn between separation from her long-time boyfriend and books and constant failures to meet success at a crucial point of her

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Struggle for Existance

Does long distance relationships always work?
This incomplete novel is due to be restarted after 22nd March, and focuses on the difficult journey of a depressed lady, Sophia who struggles to find an identity of her own despite her repeated failures and not on what her man might earn for her someday; and then ends up losing the most precious person in her life. Would she ever find her true path? Would she ever be able to meet him again, or is life all about failures for her?
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Written by: Sophia Green   ∣   Added:   March 12th, 2013

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