Where Mind Wanders...

By - Riya Bagchi in Fiction
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Published on: 13th Feb, 2013

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To my special friends and special people, who helped me to be capable enough to produce this work. Special thanks to Tanisha, who has always inspired me to writing since my very first effort. Where Mind Wanders... ~Riya Bagchi "Journey of my inds, words all collected together to make it easier to browse upon all areas wherein my flickering mind can wander. Of course, I think of many serious things as well, but for this part, let stories and poems and stupidity remain here to entertain you (well if it's all that great!)"

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Author Riya Bagchi's compilation of all essays, short stories and poems ever written by her.
"When Mind Wanders" is an easy compilation to read all written in one place, for better navigation and a lovelier reading experience.

Written by: Sophia Green   ∣   Added:   March 12th, 2013

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