The Unmarried Bride... When you learn!

By - Riya Bagchi in Fiction
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Published on: 17th Jan, 2013

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Janette was amazed to finally look at the mirror. She looked amazing, not at all possible to imagine that she was in her early thirties, and not at all possible to imagine this either that she had a teenage daughter, in her early teens. She looked like a young maiden, unmarried, wanted to get married.. No! The last possibility didn't work for her. I tell you, if you are a man, you MUST NOT go to ask her hand for marriage. For whether she takes a liking at you or not, all she would reply is: "NO! I am someone's wife." "Mama you look Gorgeous!!" Her daughter said to her, as she turned her head to see her, so gorgeous, so teen-aged, so beautiful. It was amazing to see her grow up all these years. How years pass so quickly, how time changes to turn a small foetus into Miss Gor

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It was nice keep it up...
I loved it
writing was ...good......some parts could have been improved....but a nice and sincere attempt........and heart touching :)

Written by: David .A   ∣   Added:   August 31st, 2014
Single Mother's Story

Janette, a successful fashion designer; and her daughter live together, she working the role of a single mother, who is alone, yet never lets her daughter sense her loneliness. The identity of the father is also continuously being hidden by her.

Janette seems totally against romanticism, and never accepts her daughter's boyfriend.
What makes her behaviour so weird even when staying in a totally developed country like America? Read the bittersweet story of the struggles of a single mother to find out.

Written by: Sophia Green   ∣   Added:   March 12th, 2013

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