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Published on: 21st Feb, 2013

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Collection of evils

This book focuses on the social evils prevailing, especially in a developing country like that of our's, India.
Written in a much modern time, it throws light into the malpractices of the past some of which are still so rampant in the country. Many of us might think it was a matter of the past, but the sad truth is that, malpractices like Child Marriage, Sati Pratha, Inequality, Untouchability, etc. are still widespread, that too in an alarming rate.
The book is compiled with short essays and interesting stories from recent times which present themselves as examples of unnoticed evils, together making the society 'Stigmatized'. Readers read this to get more aware about the status of the country, and how improvements can be done- this idea is totally left upon the reader.

Written by: Sophia Green   ∣   Added:   March 12th, 2013

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