Pradeep Raghuraman

Bangalore, India, Development Manager, IT and Aspiring Author

The Other half

The time waits for none, It was sweet sixteen, Read More

The Rescue

Why gaze heaven, when thee live on one, "The Earth", "The habit", Make him Read More

Eiffel and I

It was Eiffel and I. It was Eiffel in Murmurs, In Murmurs, In Murmurs all over..., Thanking Clouds!., As Rainy Day Paving Way, I was On Cloud Nine Out of a Clear Read More

Madras and World War I

MADRAS AND WORLD WAR I "Many More Happy Returns"! As I Wish, "Many More Happy Returns"! As Many Would Wish, It is ALL Celebrations ALL Over! “MADRAS”!, As many Read More

For what will the world remember me, after I die?

A million dollar question indeed and a tough job on earth I guess. AS I ponder! – All of a sudden, my foresight, my visual screen blanks out, as any channel would on a very old black and white Read More

Why do I write?

Do I write? Yes, I do, I write. Why do I write? I never knew, but, now, I write to know “why do I write?”. I write. I write on rooftops, I write on tabletops, I write on desktops, I write on Read More

Making all the difference!

A pretty new place, no familiar face, you are all all alone. Be it a bank branch, be it a multi-brand showroom, or be it a restaurant - a person you would encounter is indeed a stranger at your help. Read More

I own an Ecosystem! Do you?

Owning an Ecosystem! It does sounds strange, right! All Right! You would have heard people saying Read More

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