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First look...

It was one of those times Life was jolly, good n fine There you came along In auto near the temple You galloped on a white horse Did you look exactly that? Or, once again I was hallucinating The Read More

Book Journey: Calico Joe

I love John Grisham. OK. Not in the literal sense. OK. This time it’s the literal sense. I love books written by him, which gives various perspectives about law, the loopholes that lawyers find and Read More

Finding you...

I don't know for whom you write these days But I will tell you what I always find you here The chat with you is there A one way conversation at that... In your pictures and in definitely your Read More

Book Journey: Dating, Diapers and Denial

Selecting book: One book done and I am on a roll. So much free time I have that in office, I can write book reviews too. For what? Arey, this is just to jog down my memory lane whenever I Read More

Book Journey: The Bankster

It was time for yet another book to be borrowed from my office library. Just a brief introduction about me. I used to read a lot of books. I used to have lot of time. Then office happened. With the Read More

Simply you...

You are as irritating as you could ever be You can be charming when you wish to be You are lovable, you are cute You are adorable, fucking lute. I know you cried, baby I know you missed me So did I, Read More


Woi chad-dar matmaili si reh gayi Woi san-nata sannnnnn sunata jabhi Koi ajnabee lagte they kabhi Par aa gaye tum dil k bahut kareeb Jahan jahan tum gaye Kaash wahan main bhi jaa paati Dukh sukh sab Read More

Adhoori baatei, adhoori mulakatei...

Happy days, glowing days Festive days, sunny days The time of season The time of romance Ye dil jo dhadakta hai Wo dil jo sambhaalta hai Sehem sehem k Kambakht isne kiya kya haal hai. And then Read More


“My son left me Alki.” That was the message. And it ended. I chose to simply put it at the back of my mind and continued with the mundane activities of my day. Same office. Same life. Same Read More

Reasons: I love you

From your goofy smile to laughs That makes your face marvel From that husky voice to shivers That makes me go gaga A sing-a-song spell you cast That makes me mellow A voice to interrupt my Read More

The times...

I waited and waited for you to come online But probably there was something else on your mind There are nights that we are far apart And the days too that are even further apart. Nights, for there Read More

The Senses...

Sense, like you have never felt anything before Just open up your arms Feel the air around you The caring that your loved ones have for you Look, like you have never seen anything before Just open Read More


I thought and thought Through and through, in and out Up and down, above and below Round and square and ya triangle too I always thought it would go That I could ignore But it never went It Read More

Keep on writing...

It's been a while Since a baby bird first tried its wings But it finally did flutter Through efforts and time. It's been a while Since Scrat had an acorn But he kept chasing Through thick and Read More

The Calling...

Distant you, Distant me But close are the feelings we seek. Always knowing where we will meet. It happened before, and It will happen again soon. At my house, at your house In our home. Read More


Distant you, Distant me Never knowing when we will meet. As near as near can be. This will become real And not a dream! Note: Someone else's poem inspired me to coin these words. Dedicated to the Read More


ये दिन बीते, ये रात बैगानी कुछ तो था पीया तुम में जहाँ भी दॆखा, बस हर फलक Read More

My bygones and you...

What did you "do" to me You came, you went You did what you wished Was it a dream Good or bad, 'pata nai' Made me feel "live" again, or Wrecked "havoc" on my system Had there been no you "ever" I Read More

Broken shards...

There you were No more "here" And it rained Heavy rains Downpour and torrents Tornado in the heart Anxiety in the mind Were you gone? For bad or worse I believe it was worst For my brain just Read More

Prince charming and his sunshine

There was a time There lived a prince charming And there lived his sunshine. They met once, they met twice And it went on till it was "quince" Just fifth and all had changed Things had grown more Read More

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