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Cairo, Egypt, Poetry, literature

Amun Re

Meaning “The hidden one” “Mysterious of form” (in combination with Re –“hidden Sun light”)   There are more than 2000 known gods and Read More

Magnolia flower

Magnolia -- {Flower of freedom and everlasting love} Magnolia is flowering tree in different colors: from sparkling white to gentle pink, purple and violet... Magnolias are the oldest flowering Read More

Which people to allow in our world? II

III. going forward and enfolding my thoughts, who we can trust enough to enter in our world? That means who is worthy we to share many and most of our feelings, reveal our character? The answer is Read More

Which people to allow to our world? I

I want to discuss one very important question here, it`s about others, people around us, our friends, family, and about trust, communication and understanding. These are so current questions, that we Read More

About Bulgarian people

Many times people share experiences about national characteristics with a negative sign. Why is that so? As everything in our life, peoples attention seems to be attracted more by the negative, grim, Read More

The drop and the sea

by Kabir English version by Andrew Harvey Original Language Hindi I went looking for Him And lost myself; The drop merged with the Sea -- Who can find it now? Looking and looking for Him I lost Read More

Destructive emotions

What is meaning of destructive emotions? If you ever asked yourself this question, you could see how simple and complex in the same time it can be. In a nutshell : destructive is emotion, which leads Read More

What really belongs to us? II

With the question of belongings in this life, arises one other very important question –on other pole – that of Losing. What is meaning to lose something or someone?? And what affect that has on Read More

What really belongs to us? I

__ I want to ask the immanent question, which is very actual in this post modern times. What we think we possess, and what in reality is what we have in this life time. In my texts “About Read More

What is happiness?

I want to ask you a question. What is happiness? (... you have right to answer or not -to be silent observers) for me I ll answer : Happiness is not a continues excitement feeling, of unbreakable Read More

That Wind

That stream of wind, Blowing so gently Restlessly caring, Loving, wise, overbearing, Looking to your soul from up, Listening to your mind, Whispering secrets of the trees, That ancient wind, Read More

About Education

I write this entry, having in mind the importance of the problem. Many people in all epochs and times were sure in the power of education in world. It can change entire civilizations and peoples Read More


Looking like a frosted tree With white frozen tentacles My heart is glowing in me Stretching Read More

Lavender sky II

All I know is the sense of being Growing butterfly wings in the shimmering sky I raised my Read More

Lavender sky I

From another skies of the galaxy She stretches her hands above The universe, She has Read More

About money

I want to share my feelings and my concept with you on this topic. And I`ll be more or less extreme : money for (in the way as now humanity deal with it and manage it) is a big form of evil. It`s Read More

What is a healthy meal?

Here I want to introduce my perception about "healthy food", and what we should eat. First of all, this is not a nutritionist advice, nor recommendation of a special kind of food. I want to Read More

What is a "healthy meal" ?

Here I want to introduce my perception about "healthy food", and what we should eat. First of all, this is not a nutritionist advice, nor recommendation of a special kind of food. Read More

Silver flame

I`m not from this world that i know violets bloom on my palms rose hips on my forehead, tulips in my heart are wrapped Read More

About cosmetics

Recently I was thinking much about topic of the co called "cosmetics industry" ,which floods all the world, from West Europe, to East Asia, Africa, America...This is a global issue, as well as Read More

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