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Right to Crib - For employees only

All employees shall have the right to crib about their employment and any other thing related to their employment.   Notwithstanding anything mentioned elsewhere the above Read More

This too shall pass

After hearing my lectures on corona somebody advised me to write about it. I thought of writing an infographic but a lot of them are already there. I thought about writing a fake news (as they get Read More

THE CTC(Cost to Company) Directory : FAQs

Where you will find this? Before answering what is it, it is must to explain where you will find. You may find this directory within your parent’s social circles. Read More

The Long Night

Cover pic: K. Arran/Getty images Prologue: Somebody asked me why I have kept the title from GOT. I replied," the title will bring the readers, otherwise who would've read this Read More


Prologue Maybe heaven and hell exist and not Read More

Marriage: The Mathematical Analogy

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of one’s life. May be the decision whose cause and effects (side effects :p) will last for the lifetime. In Indian context it is much more Read More

What's there in NAME?

Oh really! An expression I usually get from people when I tell them my name. I know a couple; it’s been a year and half and they are still searching for a name for their baby boy. Recently a Read More

Friendship Day

Friendship day, for some people it is an opportunity to connect with their crush, the one who rejected them once upon a time, just to start a conversation and to keep the hope alive. Hats off to Read More

The Farewell Speech

Synopsis: A farewell speech/letter from a Geek to his female friend. Cesare Pavese correctly said, “We do not remember days; we remember moments”. As I read that, I took a walk down the aisle of Read More


Although I have never believed in Valentine’s Day and Love but sometimes you may suffer from LOVARIA and have weird and creepy feelings….exactly as others feel and I too had those Read More


Yeah this topic is all about the THREE MAGICAL WORDS and those magical words are WHAT THE FUCK. Yup you read it right; it’s not about LOVE but FUCK. It’s been a couple of weeks in Mumbai and I Read More

Love: A Manipulated Feeling

CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE? You would’ve asked the same question if YOU TOO HAD A LOVE STORY (I am not mocking any WRITER, it’s just a coincidence). The answer to this question is Love can Read More

The Inferiority Complex

Triangle, Square and Pentagon viewed the profile of The Rhombicosidodecahedron on a social networking site once. They were obsessed by seeing his profile picture. He was like one of the alpha figure Read More

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