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Happy marriage anniversary

सुहाने सफर की ये दूरियां भी लम्बी बहुत है और है दिलकशी भी कुछ तुम चलो और Read More

zindagi ek jung

humne fizaon ki niyat ko badalte dekha hai shiddat ko shikayat mein badalte dekha hai , tufaano se bhi jung Read More

गिरता रुपया और उभरता करियर ............

मेरे मन को कल रात को कुछ बेचैनी मालुम हो रही थी पता नहीं क्यों नींद नहीं आ Read More


कई दिनों से मेरे अंतरमन में एक द्वन्द चल रहा था । मनुष्य की संवेदनहीनता और Read More

The masterpiece......I always wanted to create...

The masterpiece......I always wanted to create one.I have never succeeded neither have I tried for the quest for creating my Masterpiece very seriously till recently.But I think that this Read More

Never feel guilty unless you are one......

I wanted to write this since a very long time.I couldn't tell why did I postpone it till now.May be I was doing the same thing which I am going to deglorify this time. We must have seen many people Read More

The taste of failure..............

The taste of failure is unique.Once you have tasted the failure,that very moment your all senses of taste will change to the emoticon of :/. The taste sensation is going to persist for some time.The Read More

kuchh baat hai is waqt mein jo wo khada mere...

kuchh baat hai is waqt mein jo wo khada mere saamne Ab yahan se kahin peeche hatun ye mumkin nahi maanta hu mere taare zara gardish me hain isliye khud ko chhipa lu ye bhi kabhi mumkin nahi bahut Read More

My reason For

When I read about this topic "Why I do write?".My mind war stared out for sure.My brain started to snipe at every probable reasons ,to death, the moment it popped out.Upon trying very hard to think Read More

Remember me after I am gone

Remember me after I'm gone I just want to be in your heart Deep inside you,deep to the core Because very far I'm going alone Forgive me for my deeds Never let that trust be gone Ensure you will Read More

aadat si ho gai thi..........

ab duniya se bekhabar rehne ki aadat si ho gai thi jab har taraf aisa manzar ho to mu modna bhi sahi nahi isi fikr me din raat khone ki aadat si ho gai thi na jaane fir bhi zehan me roshni ki aas Read More

Change the topic...please

I have been here for quite a period and now I have this feeling that in the smooth tangent of the quality of literature enriching us , now a days,is having few notches in its course.Certain posts Read More

Faasle Mitane ki koshish hazaar rehti hai,bas...

Faasle Mitane ki koshish hazaar rehti hai, bas teri yaadon se fiza gulzaar rehti hai, bhale na bayaan ho paye ye chaahat, fir bhi dil me baatein hazaar rehti hain. na poochhna mere dil ka haal Read More


Ek din mujhsey mere khayaalon ne kaha "nahi pata mujhe kidhar ye raah le jayegi mujhey ye rasta anjaan jaan padta hai kaise mai aagey ispe chalne ki koshish karu abhi se ye bahut hi namumkin jaan Read More

kya kahen ki kya aalam hai mere dil ke andarbas...

kya kahen ki kya aalam hai mere dil ke andar bas khayal nahi hai ,hai soch ka samandar koshish to thi nikal jaun is toofaan se par aa gaya mere raahon me ek bawandar umeed ki roshni ab bhi hai Read More

armaan ki udaan

chahat to bahut hai raahon par nikalne ki mujhey sahi raaste ki pehchaan chahiye armaan to hai ki us uunchai ko chhoo jaun bas mujhey wahan pahuchane ki udaan chahiye chadne ki koshish to himalay Read More

Kab tak roz humein marna sikhaoge, kisi din...

Kab tak roz humein marna sikhaoge, kisi din puri ho gai taaleem to bahut pachhtaoge. Aaj humare aansuon par jo khush hote ho, kal humare na rehne par aansu bahaoge. Koshish karna kabhi humari dhadkan Read More

A walk for the Humanity..........

Today, we were walking to our usual place for having our usual dose of snacks and tea ,to our one and the only favourite MCD. While on the way ,we[Me and my friend} saw a person standing looking at Read More

motivator mind......

If I am to do some thing creative I must change myself.There is a long list of thing that should be changed in me .But when think of myself I find that those lists are my identity and if I changed Read More

hazaar sawaal rengte hain mere zehan mein kis...

hazaar sawaal rengte hain mere zehan mein kis kis ko nikaloon waha sey koshish to bahut ki ki na yaad rahe khudi par kambakht bekhudi bewafa nikli Read More

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