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Cheeze Badal Jaegi

Rahega sab wahi, Meh bhi wahi toh rahunga, Thodda bulla sa, bhatka sa, hyperactive nukkle head ninja Magar kuch cheeze hai jo badal Read More

Feel Marr Gaya

Pyaar khatam hogaya.. Kaise? Bas hogaya.. Magar kuch toh hua hoga? Hua tha na.. Feel na araha ab.. Okay. Ab feel wapis kaise late? Ni hoeaga Read More


Raat k kuch do baje hai, Achhanak se utt jata hu, Dara hua, Boklaya hua, Kuch adat bachan se kharab hai, Kuch yeh naya purane pyar ka nasha Read More

How are you?

I am fine, Well mostly I don't know I feel like crying Sometimes When a friend has cracked a good joke I am Read More


Just woke up, Feeling hungry, I feel like eating something, An egg would suffice Maybe a boiled egg would be better. I want it to tell this to Read More

Probably Not

Have you ever felt  An Itch, In your leg, Only to realize that the leg is gone, You had that terrible accident  Last week, In which you Read More

Kya Milla Tuje

Kya milla tuje mere ishq k gulistaan ko samshan kar k Kya milla? Bekri hui hai yaha kabre un yaado ki, Jo khila karti thi Read More

Anti- Nationalism Concept

There is a video I saw on BBC Channel covering one of the firing that happened between India & Pakistan Army across Indo-Pakistan boarder. One part which was massively covered by the Indian Media Read More


What an asshole" She Said But I am not an asshole I have a asshole If not an asshole Who am I? The part of the brain that store memory Or the part which holds the Genes The knowledge which has been Read More

All in your Head

That Beautiful Girl that passed you by, The rise of Heartbeat when she looked into your eye, The Smile you think she showed you All in your Head That pain in the stomach, That name of the Read More

Meh likh raha hu

Meh kuch likh raha hu Kya likh raha hu Pata nahi? Kyu likh raha hu Iss bare meh socha nahi Mai kuch likh raha hu Meh chal raha hu Kaha jara hu? Andaza nahi Kyu ja raha hu? Kyuki kahi toh jaana Read More

Medocre me

Nobody remembers the second, Be Exceptional, Be noteworthy, Outstanding How many time Have I been told that? That your purpose is go to sky and beyond & How many times I have dreamed of these Read More

I see, I judge

People in streets, Wearing black robes, With small hammers by their sides Looking carefully at each passerby Making announcements She is a hore & that guy looks like dubledore Attack they say is the Read More

And you slept..

It was that night of crazy love making Of kises, and hugs Of dark and light.. We were both exhausted You went to sleep I was staring at you for long Your beautiful face with an open mouth It was so Read More

Why I don't watch news?

Since my early childhood I was being told to watch the news, read the newspaper, be aware of what is happening around. It was read in the assembly like headlines, one sentence about the crux of human Read More

Why travel?

What is the meaning of it? It creates nothing. Nothing that would serve any purpose to mankind. It won’t make you rich unless you find a gold mine under a rock. Nor will it add to any of the Read More

Confused eh?

The thin line Between holding close and letting go.. Between judging and indifference.. Between calm and quiet.. Between hurting and getting hurt. Between happiness and escapism. Between accepting Read More

Train of thoughts!

There is a fire that is burning me from within, That fire people cant see in the coldness of my smile.. But it hurts inside, It burns inside.. The smoke runs in the hoarse voice.. in the longing Read More

Confessions of an Indian male

We are the same bunch of hypocrites who strongly condemn what happened to Nirbaya in Dehli but we smile when a friend comments on the girl going by. We boast publicly of having watched all the latest Read More

To Dear Education System, Pull your socks Up Sir!

We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone This is not just because of my newly found love for Floyd.I Read More

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