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Published on: 10th Feb, 2013

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I am sitting in an Examination Hall,cursing my parents for they christened me "Abhay",the fuckin roll number one,sitting in the first row.The examiner gives you that pitiful look,which a doctor gives to his patient,before telling him to start counting his days. Today’s paper is on the subject of “life”, surprisingly the backbenchers of the class look jubilant, as they were in the entire semester.Fear is all you can see in the eyes of toppers,haven’t slept in weeks,they are continuously mugging the religious books,sucking all they can,but it seems a long shot. I,the average boy of class,is also little worried,but continues smiling due to my nature. “These days exam papers have become so tough” whispers a prof in a white cloak to the

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mast hai...loved it to ,...core........keep it up and also writing
mindblowing, outstanding, outclass.....

Written by: David .A   ∣   Added:   August 31st, 2014
Abhay ne bhi achha kiya!

Has a lot of potential sachhi me. :D Wahi grammar waali problem hai thodi rey. Baki sab mast. Interesting itni ki teesri baar padh rahi.

Written by: Percy KingDawn   ∣   Added:   May 16th, 2013

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