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Antioch, CA, Contra Costa, Masters in ED, Jones International Univieristy, Author, Teacher, song writer and performer, business owner, Alaska,Computers,Ancestry research,Music writing and recording,Writing fiction

Good evening from USA

Good evening from USA I miss you all and if i may Just explain where I've been I will explain and here I begin first of all I was really tired and fried I haven't written and I thought I would Read More


Hey, everyone, what's up? I'm here and I'll open my cup Missed you all but I was tired I was in a rut and mired Mired in the mud slipping down Aggravated and sinking in a mound Felt unwanted and Read More

Wide, Wild World

Wide, wild world we live in a wild place Things, distractions Turn around just in case Wide, wild world Filling our minds at times with fear Crazy happenings and events That effect some people so Read More


I don't feel like writing But sometimes it's the best. To write when you don't Even feel like it none the less Life is a bummer and sometimes Doesn't pass the test But today I'll give it a "C" Or Read More

New Book?

I'm working on a new book that tells in story of the struggles that face America in the next few years. We have powerful men throwing around their power to create something for themselves. Then I Read More

Brighter Day

I was just thinking about the troubles here on earth I supposed we have had some Ever since our humble birth But today there is a strange and weird feeling of hopelessness I'm not trying to be Read More

Facts About Alaska Part three

As you travel north of the George Parks Highway through the center of Alaska, there's a potential to see many animals along the road or crossing the road. One particular trip we took up the highway Read More

Crazy Talk

Sat down at computer to write Not knowing of what to say Not at all wanting to pick a fight Just craving a brand new day All of us write because we do We compose because we love it But really Read More

Christmas..oh, Christmas

Christmas..oh, Christmas What do you mean to me? Christmas..oh, Christmas It's nothing I can quickly see Christmas..oh, Christmas Is a tradition from long ago Christmas..oh, Christmas It is Read More

The Night

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the apartment Not a cockroach was stirring Just bats in the heater vent The stockings were hung on the bedroom door with care Everyone was hoping that Read More

Seek Him

Wise men still seek Him Though the star is now dim At times they know not what they seek Many a journey has become bleak Don't give up now for He is there Just look , right there is where He's in Read More

Random from DE

Don't speak too soon Seek first to understand Where a person may be in their life or circumstance Life is too short to muddle Through unnecessary trouble Always look ahead and dream And don't burst Read More

What could make a difference?

This is a story told to me by a friend, Glenn New York City "As I traveled to work every morning I would pass by Central Park. Everyday in the same location I would see a middle aged man who Read More

You are beautiful

You are as beautiful As a rose in the early spring Your sly little smile Shines like a diamond ring You are as beautiful As a majestic mountain peak It is especially noticeable When that precious Read More

I Beleive in Peace

Peace, peace I believe in peace Oh, holy Lord, I believe in peace Peace on earth good will to men This is what the angels proclaimed Peace where is peace There is no peace on earth Will we ever see Read More

Don't do it

It's raining outside Do it anyway The snow is too deep Do it anyway I'm sick and can't talk Do it anyway I'm ugly as sin Do it anyway But I have only one arm Do it anyway My girl just left me Do it Read More

San Andreas

What if there were a guy from southern California who loved geology and had a Dr. of Geology as a mentor? This young man's greatest dream was to walk the length of the San Andreas fault and take Read More


Peace, you might ask where is it It's not in the U.S. for even a bit Will you find it near the Christmas tree I looked all around and I did not see I searched for peace in the news online And what Read More

This Is That Day

This is that day Not just any day I say To really rejoice and be glad And I have more to add This is that day I know it won't stay But it doesn't matter anyway Because this is that day Now how Read More

Christmas is the greatest holiday.

Christmas is the greatest holiday. I love the songs and I love the lights. Christmas trees and beautiful colors in the city even turns this grown man's head to look. I don't necessarily like to Read More

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