Destroying Leadership: Commonality the Downfall of America

By - David Erickson in Fiction
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116 Pages

Published on: 7th Nov, 2013

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John Common was a very common young man with many uncommon goals for his life. He wanted to get an uncommon job with uncommon wages so he could pay for his uncommon car payment, buy uncommon things, and have an uncommon family, eventually. His uncommon goals appeared very uncommon to all the common businesses in which he applied for an uncommon job. They kept telling him that they had common jobs with common wages, and if they had any uncommon jobs it would take uncommon experience that he didn’t have, but he didn’t give up. One uncommon day in Common, John Common went to an uncommon business to apply for an uncommon job. They were very uncommon to him. The CEO at this uncommon company caught John’s uncommon vision of getting an uncommon job with

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