Dniknam the Lesser

By - David Erickson in Fiction
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Published on: 3rd Nov, 2013

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Dniknam the Lesser Introduction My name is Dniknam. I live in the land of Htrae which is not far from Noom. Well, in comparison to the distance to Sram, it is pretty close. It is way too far to walk to Noom since I’ve been walking in circles for most of my life. That is, when I wasn’t walking in a square. This is the story of the great journey to find my Ynitsed. (Or was that Destiny). This long walk began many years ago when I was younger, and truly, I met a few interesting characters along the way. Before I can tell you the good part, sorry, I have to tell you the bad. It seems to me, that throughout my childhood, I accumulated a few bad habits. Well, thinking about it, more than a few. These bad habits were not necessarily a result of my family,

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