Kaustubh Ramtekkar

Nagpur, India, Hislop College, If you need a bio then you gotta talk!


You know how to cure others. You have so many tips as if you have lived six lives. You always have the answer or a simple pack of gum to ease the tension. You will come to a Read More

Your right.

You have the right to leave any situation in which you do not see yourself fit. You have the right to leave any story in which you don't like yourself. You have the right to leave a city that Read More

You are my woman.

You are my woman. We often say these words without understanding their meaning.  Your woman is not only a soul mate.  You didn't choose her instead she came into Read More

3 Questions

Do you know how to weep in silence?  Crying without unnecessary sound, without sobs, without words but just silence, huddled in a dark corner of room in the night when everyone is Read More

An Outcast

I did not go to kindergarten. I don't know why my parents made this decision. Naturally, due to this gap between my peers, I was an outcast. The world and I had a mutual hatred so we almost never Read More


People always stay unsatisfied, for any reason. Dissatisfaction has become their habit. Whether they have a better house, a better wife, a better son, a better job, they still would not be satisfied. Read More

Memories of Rain

The rain poured outside and the news channel advised everyone to stay at home warning about the possibilities of a hurricane. The thunder was strengthening and the lightning flashes illuminated the Read More

Lousy History

Imagine this situation when you send your child to school and while entering the building you see the school's art wall and there in the colourful charts you see some great articles about the Read More

Pain Changes People

Do you recognise her unfulfilled ice bitterness Over her warm fragments, quietly melting in dimensional dreams. After a century of expectations and a thousands times of saying "Yes" You'll know it Read More

Wandering Random Thoughts VI

Sorry, but I'm not you. I did not fall in love with that person because of her gorgeous smiles, blue eyes and all. I fell in love because our communication was eternal. It had our soul. Even if I Read More

Quiet Suggestion

How often do we live life without noticing it. I find it hard to realize that the world is not limited by me and my experiences. We all are rushing somewhere while being knocked down by different Read More


All important phrases are voiceless All the photos with friends does not impress The most strange people are always great but the causes for happiness is always not the fate The most honest thing you Read More

Vain Verses

This idea is eerie! and my writings are weary. It imitates life in the artificial light. Is your life alright? I ask: When will the world end? World with mad people and with no friends. A Read More


Her familiar landscape was replaced with something completely new, unknown, an air of melancholy surrounded Akasa as she stood on a narrow small bridge above the impenetrable blue sea. Rain poured Read More


Why cry if nobody hears? Why knock? When you are locked. Who will open the one who hears. Who will complete the letter with burning phrases.. Lit it and let it burn. After having left those dreams Read More

Random Fandom

The difficulty i have is in the usual greeting, gratitude, apology and especially appeal to someone in person. No, it's not a story about my "perfect" social adaptation. Somehow it turns out for all Read More


People love to suffer and i know that for sure. Say to whom will you refer psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and like act like a crazy but let me tell you..Humanity is one big emotional Read More


One day you will wake up in the morning and you will understand: How to pass it by. Perhaps it will happen tomorrow or next year, but the morning is sure to come. You look out at the window and you Read More

Tell Me

Tell me.. What it is to be abandoned By the best? By the beloved ? and By the faithful? Tell me.. How to fall asleep not remembering the past And to keep the universe in my heart Read More

People They Are.

First a hair cut, and then let the hairs grow. First they start drinking, and then throw. First they buy clothes, and then they are not wearable. First they say that they will always be together, Read More

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