Samriddhi Gupte

India, Completed 12th;, Student, Reading,Writing,Watching and playing with animals.

A Spiritual Odyssey.

Where there is no fear, no lies that's where you live. Head held high That's how you want us to survive. When the world is shattered Your words come from the depth of heart You are the truth which Read More

One of the Crowd...

By the side of a busy Road Lay a man in old filthy rags He,probably, was mad. I looked around No one seemed to bother How would he survive this harsh weather? Another gush of wind blew I drew my Read More

For Now...

I don't really know where life is leading me, Don't know if it's the right place for me to be. Im walking blind folded On a path which goes much beyond my vicinity. What brought me here or what is Read More

Submerged in Failures; Succumbed in Pleasures...

Submerged in failures,I lie Succumbed in worldly pleasures, I die I lost my way Got led astray. Walking with closed eyes Numbed by the time that flies Got blown in the gust There's no one I can Read More


I don't know where my future lies, Don't know where Fate would have me tied. I have a dream, Yes! I know it isn't main stream. I want to make it through, Would do anything to prove. But As I close my Read More


I'm getting older now, No longer a child, Not yet an adult, But a girl trying to carve a path for herself I'm learning to make my own choices, Molding a future with my bare hands, Learning how to Read More

The Same..

I'm still the Same .. My Heart still skips a beat when I see your Name .. I Remember All the Times .. The times, I was yours and You were Mine .. All the Days, All The Ways .. You Made me Feel Okay Read More

Why Did You ....?

Why did you leave me? Where did you go? The pain inside me, Nobody knows. I trusted you, with all my heart. You hurt my feelings, You tore them apart. Now I'm left alone, Alone in the dark. On my Read More

Failure ...

I'm a mess Something which words can't express. Got into wrong people, got wasted, As a result failure, I tasted. I'm too sore, Lying down here, all alone. As an old saying goes, The turtle always Read More

The Start Of New ' ME'

I don't really know where to start from.School's over; No more a kid. It's time to take up responsibilities ; But does being in college or completing 18 yrs. on this planet mean that we're ready to Read More


The sight of a railway station is unnerving, With so many people rushing. You'll find all kinds of people, A few with their thoughts too deeper. Somewhere a doe lies, Somewhere a baby cries. A man Read More

India's Future --- Cesspool and Misery!

The future of India seems hazy, Where ever i look, there's Misery and Misery. The very thought of dark,lonely street scares me, Somewhere yet another dies due to poverty. Injustice, discrimination Read More


There,once, lived a woman, who made it her daily routine to watch a bird.The bird was glossy with beautiful feathers and it flew in the sky majestically. The woman loved the bird and eventually the Read More

Ghost Cat

I said good bye to you today, little cat fingers caught on bones as i stroked your fur You could scarcely raise your head yet you calmed me with your purr were you comfortable in my arms ? did you Read More

Nobody Feels My Pain.

I'll never know what it's like to be free Every memory sewn into my skin reminds me Of the pain that stops me from living The horrors that haunt me are unforgiving It's like I'm the only one with Read More


Happiness is a mystery, Something which can't dwell in secrecy. It has been a part of us ever since the history, But can any one define it exactly ? Some say , it's joy For some it's just a mere Read More

I Wanna Write!

Write , write , I wanna write , Right now , I just can't keep quiet. But what to write ? Is the question , Though I think I have a fair prognostication. How about something happy , may be ? I'm Read More

Oh Heart!

Oh! heart, why do you cry? When you know , success comes to those who try. Trials and sufferings are part of everyone, Without it who has won ? If you suffer, doesn't mean God doesn't Care, After Read More

Best Friends We Were ....

Best friends we were, Smiled as we Promised 'Forever'. As time went on, A new person in me , was born. Somehow, my world revolved around You, I thought you liked me too. Never realized, I was a Read More

You asked for It!

"So How's your heroine doing?" He asked with a smile as she placed her pup on to his table. She shot him one of her most dazzling smile "She's the usual. It usually takes a lot of work to tryna save Read More

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