Liquid Imaginations

By - Srijan Srivastava in Open Category
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Published on: 15th Feb, 2013

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This book is a snapshot of the first year of existence of WriterBabu. WriterBabu came into existence to bring together people from all parts of world who belive and feel that writing is fun and are addicted to it. WriterBabu is an experiment to remove the biases that we have in our minds while we read someone based on their name, religion, gender, region and what not. This book contains the articles which people wrote on arranged in chronological order. Not all articles could be included for there were more than 2000 of them and hence a shortlist was prepared based on the popularity of the articles and the content. Articles were not edited for their spelling mistakes and grammar to represent the exact content that lived on writerbabu through this time. This b

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