How to Write A Book

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Published on: 16th Jan, 2013

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. .. ... This is one of the most awaited feature on WriterBabu, the feature of Book writing. Here one can start writing their own book and publish it on WriterBabu. As the book is published, it is made available for the readers to read. Writing is a form of expression and indeed one of the best ones. You can say what you want to say without being interrupted. Writing is fun and same goes with reading. Sometimes the hunger to read more is not satisfied with just reading a post. That is where book comes into picture. The character is build slowly and perfectly and then there is a play of words and characters do the dance. Dialogues and descriptions and the flight of imagination. A book takes you places where science can't in your life time. Time travel is real here and so ar

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Thanks For Help Me....Great Expriance....


Written by: Flip Body Spa   ∣   Added:   March 1st, 2020
New Improved Version is Good

I can see that the book has been updated and more words added than before. The way the book writing feature has been introduced is amazing. Also I appreciate the new chapters as many people must have faced a bit confusion earlier regarding how to publish and how to set a price. All things covered well. Clarity on fund transfer was very much needed. It is funny though, how the numbers were chosen for example. Someone selling 2000 books and earning 80,000 ... funny for now. The calculations are perfect but selling 2000 copies is no joke. I wish my book can achieve such numbers ... :D

Written by: Visiting Faculty   ∣   Added:   May 20th, 2013

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