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Feeling the exam blues

With the new session to start in the offing,the fuchhas may not even have set their wardrobe but DU is all ready with the datesheet. Why people like me are dreading to even have a look at it, roots Read More


It was a college trip to goa. A 2 days long journey by train. All bucked up, exited. We passed from Rajasthan, M.P., Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and finally landed up in Goa. My phone rang, “Papa Read More

Heart of a Mother

In the room of darkness A faint wisper was heard Caused by the nervousness Which I experienced while standing there Looking at each other, They passed a wicked smile And eventually negative thoughts Read More

You changed...

The laughs we shared, The talks we did, How close I felt How behind the world we hid. It felt like a paradise, Like a gift bestowed, Of all the ill-wills till now being uproared. Why so many calls Read More

Education-A Sole Necessity

While playing in mud with her friends, thirteen year old Kalpana looked up and saw two children of her age coming out of a nearby building, wearing ironed uniforms and carrying a heavy bag of books. Read More

How to lead life!

Tell me whats life And i ll owe you my life Tell me how to lead it And i ll pray He lead you to heaven For nothing is as tough as finding a way in this tortuous journey Whether are we giuded or all Read More

The Worldly Politics

This world a politics Its all 'bout what to be said when U need to be diplomatic, wholly Saying true to yourself, is foolish You needa backbitch 'bout that whore And then when you two meet, smile and Read More

The parallel universe

This isn’t about the breakups, the lost love, grievances. It’s about concentrating on a parallel universe altogether and sidelining the sorrows which grieve us, feeling blessed, empowered and Read More

The broken faith

Its raining outside. The water splashing my windowpanes. The tranquility stretching, spreading from heavens up somewhere. And here I sit with a cup of coffee warming me up from the cold emanating Read More

The Broken Faith

Its raining outside. The water splashing my windowpanes. The tranquility stretching, spreading from heavens up somewhere. And here I sit with a cup of coffee warming me up from the cold emanating Read More

w.r.t "Why o why thou anonymous"

A comment would be too short to clarify my stance on "Anonymity" So here i have decided to dedicate this post to clear out few things wrt "Why o why thou anonymous". "Man is least himself when he Read More

Why o' why thou anonymous

Dear anonymous Hi! Why have parents taken the pain to christen you with a unique beautiful name? For you like being anonymous! What a hats off article you wrote, what a point you raised. Your name Read More

Forever- a Misnomer?!

The beauty of a flower Congress currently in power The handshakes of today “ Why Raamu Singh Yadav didn’t like this?” Such petty things that cause dismay The Gucci purse My flattened Read More

Goddammit! I proposed a guy!

“ I proposed a guy” is pretty normal a sentence for people belonging to any part of the globe sans India, for in India proposing a Guy ( leave the lad-lad thing, even if you are a mademoiselle) Read More


What was to be said was left unsaid The heart was filled with emotions that couldn't be spelt And thus they remained within never finding their way out. Oh! what a prank these all play Never letting Read More

Prayer during the Darkest hour

When it’s all too dark to see clear When the heart is filled with vindication and pain When I’ve closed my eyes to see good in people When the self becomes too selfish and drain When there is Read More

Be a Citizen First

And u step out of house, random stuff discussing. you travel in metro too aah! such a convenience the Delhi Government has come out with. You possess porsche, BMW impressive. Such a pleasant is life Read More

Why I love Dan Brown

Whether we belong to the coveted science stream, or study minting money in commerce or mug up the world maps in humanities we all are aware, delta(the small triangle) represents change. People Read More

आज के इस युग में भी...

काली अँधेरी रात जब सब थे घरो में बैठे आश्चर्यचकित रह गया जब देखा वह दृश्य Read More

When words fail...

the thunderstormthe hailing moonthe drops pouring from heavenis it just a cycle proposed by scienceor has it got a cryptic language undeciphered?the breeze blowing swiftly, Read More

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