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The busy internet user

Imagine a life 500 years back. People had a lot of time at their disposal. They would have been utterly bored had it not been to the mundane issues of fetching water and woods for the cooking and Read More

knowledge vs love/compassion

now this was the ultimate question. the scholar gulped down all the knowledge in the world and through sheer hard-work and discipline that is. there was a reason for everything she could tell that Read More

its a beautiful day!

the strike of dawn. its preceded by the start of the chirping of the birds. and that is some music in itself as it brings the imagery of the start of a vigorous day again..people walking briskly on Read More

tu mere agal bagal hai.....mein tere..

bhool ab jaana guzra zamana keh to rahe ho mujhko magar tasveerein lelo khat bhi le jao lauta do mere shaamo sehar jaan jaye re, jaan jaye re, jaan jaaye meri tujhko bhulane mein ke aaon na yaad bhi Read More

last year in college..memoirs..

time : somewhere in the noon...venue : department of mat. sci. in my college..occassion : term-paper presentation on some topic...well, as would befit me, i had copied the presentation on the topic Read More

has it ever happened to you?

that you were in a store - a large one maybe - sorting through the clothes at your own sweet pace, maybe wearing all black looking more like a uniform and fooling around when someone came-by with Read More

police procedurals..

so i like the police procedural serials really..the detective ones there are..and on top of that list is "The Mentalist". It is one heck of a TV show aired in the US for thelast 5 years. And its 6th Read More

fun @ office on friday

t was going to be a good time..i thought..while on my way back to my room frm office..sometime like 9 am in the morning after a long evening and night on thursday...on friday evening was scheduled Read More

animals also have social lives!!

This one is really interesting. Looks like we humans have made our lives much more complicated than it ought to be. Cliched? Well, take this. The national emblem for the North Americas is something Read More

Tom Cruise to make a movie with Karan Johar

OK, its not true. But no-one checked my other link. so please do it Read More

Open - andre agassi

so I got hold of this book by the legendary player. and I am happy that I did! I mean I have read a lot of sportsmen biographies. But none of them were as interesting as this one - maybe Stephen Read More

lessons in granted things!

henry woke up late into the morning and rushed to the gym after just drinking the water and cleaning up..he was not one to eat just after getting up for all he acids that built up in his stomach Read More

the anticlimax..!

this happened somewhere in time past..I thought, I needed to watch that movie that day/night surely..there was no-one around that day, everybody was busy around something or the other..so I had all Read More

aisa bhi hota hai - funny things in life!

the year was 2010, october 2010 infact..i was out to watch the India Aus test match in Chinnaswamy Bangalore. After the day's play it was clear that India was easily going to win that one, what with Read More

Man of Steel

So I watched it today, just back in-fact. And about the review, well, it was.......pretty good! ..:) There was the general Nolan mark over the film although he was not even the director of the Read More

stoics as will!

there is happiness and there is sadness..then there is anger and frustration.....all of them have a functionality..they keep the wheel of life moving alright..they take you up and then bring you down Read More


We all lead difficult lives, that much is clear alrite..there is competition and expectation everywhere around. people share histories and always interact with prejudice....so what is the point here Read More

batman vs spiderman

which one would u like to compare? the movies or the characters.....i mean the C Nolan trilogy vs the Tobey Maguire series or the comic characters..well, you dont land a real choice as I have hardly Read More

so lemme add some fun to the dynamics here.....I...

so lemme add some fun to the dynamics here.....I was wondering, the forum/community is called writerBABU and there are more writerBIBIs here..so does it make the place a little gender biased? just a Read More

what changed?

well, after a hiatus, I thought lets write......mmmmm or actually, lets copy another one from my good old blog....which I haven't updated/written on in like 200 days..even when I did it earlier, I Read More

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