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Who is She

(A Tribute to Nirbhaya written on 16 December, 2012) When she was born, her father frowned.... a new responsibility! When she was young, her mother got worried... she was Read More

The ONLY Crime....

'Rape' That's it. I write it as if i know what i am talking about. I use it in vain; As if I own this word. Or worse, as if I've been through it! This four letter word has found it's way in every Read More

A Chat With Life

I wonder, I ponder Oh what my life would be... If I were thin... had lustrous hair... then the blemishes... would I care? I wonder, I ponder Oh what my life would be... If I were tall Read More

I wish...

I wish you had stopped me from growing up Ma.. I wish you had burst my bubble I wish you had warned me Ma to never ever leave your cradle My mornings were clear every dawn the sun rose for Read More

A World within A World

Families are difficult and complicated. The relation we share with our closed ones usually turns sour. Yes. No matter how much you deny they do. You get too involved in each others’ lives, Read More

उन्होंने कहाँ ...

उन्होंने कहाँ ... ख़ूबसूरती पलकें झुँकाने में हैं उनकी बात हम टाल न Read More

Broken Realm

They fought everyday. She sometimes sat and listened. Sometimes sympathized. And most of the times shut herself in the room till the voices fade out. They would get back to normal pretty soon. Read More

You are a mere Pawn...

She laughed, she cried, she cared, she fought she had an eternity at her feet, she thought with family and friends always by her side she smiled vibrantly.. no guilt to hide She loved him more than Read More


Night. It brings so many wonders to ones mind. A shiver for some. A relief for some. An erotica for some. A reminiscence to come. The soft breeze. The slight freeze. The magic of the starry Read More

The Seven Sins...

(My first try with stories! Please read it and give me your honest feedback :) ) “Don't you feel tired sometime?” They looked up. This one question puzzled everyone. Why would they be Read More

Some Love in a Porn?

[The title suggests what it is about. So if this isn't your thing, don't scroll down.. I won't mind the high page visits! B) ] The moaning, the groaning, creates an aura in the air but for Read More

Just Two Lines...

(had written this years back) Zeenat: "Mommy! I don't like, all the big girls laugh at me when I They s..s..say I am good for nothing! And that I Read More

Kabira was Right...

She sat in a corner, away from the world staring at nothing, playing with her curls She saw a blue eyed boy playing alone Moving on his own music... making a swirl She thought to herself... oh! Read More

A Tiny Truth...

Staring at the moon, she longs for the faceless perfect one Frustrated she shouts out... “Are you really there...Somewhere? I am done waiting!” miles away a stranger restlessly looks Read More

Crashing Dreams

You build a castle, you weave a nest, You make huge plans and give it your best. You wait for the moment, to show what you have done You settle your nerve and give it all a rest. Read More

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