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AFTERLIFE Do you believe in an afterlife. Many people in this world believe in an afterlife and many don't. Controversies have been going on for ages on this topic. I believe in afterlife but may be Read More

बादल,असमान,हवा और...

कुछ दिनों से आसमान को घेरे रखा है बादलों ने मानो कुछ कहना चाहते हों आसमान से Read More

Pen name- not just a name

Every writer has a pen name of his or her own.The question is why a pen name when one has a good name from which the world knows a person. A pen name is the marker of the personality of a writer. Read More

why do i write..

when i saw the post regarding WB blogging competition and read the topics.. these words came out spontaneously in my mind which i am sharing hereby.. Writing is not my passion Read More


Before i write i would ask for reader's views at the end. A selfless good deed is it possible to conduct it? I remember an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where phoebe can't give joey a single example of a Read More

easiest and yummiest chocolate cake

this one of the esiest recipies of chocolate cake i have come across. whn i mom came with it from an aunt's place i couldn't distinguish it from the one from shop.. try it once and you will be Read More

Beautiful hands

In past few months i developed this hobby of painting my nails in various colours. sometimes i paint them in single bright colours, sometimes in dual shades and sometimes prints or some Read More

yummy little pieces of bread pizza

ingredients(for two persons)bread lices- 6rawa(suji)- 1 cupmilk- 1cupfresh cream- 2 tablespoonful finely chopped capsicum- 1/4 cupfiely chopped carrot- 1/4 cupfinely Read More

दिल की कहानी....

इस छोटे से दिल की बस यही कहानी है,थोड़ी सी तन्हाई, थोड़ी सी रवानी है|बसी है Read More

Those eyes of you...

Its perfectly said that "Eyes are mirror of soul".I feel eyes are most beautiful part of a person. They have this ultimate ability to talk even without words. This little poem is dedicated to the Read More

main bhi WRITERBABU..

the idea of anonymity had made me more and more interested in writerbabu.. but i feel that a satisfaction here that i am nt such a bad writer boosts me for my next posts. getting unbiased and Read More

कदमो के निशां तो...

कदमो के निशां तो कभी न कभी मिट ही जायेंगे,रह जाएंगी तो बस, यादें, बातें, वो Read More

अब भी याद है.....

हमारी पहली बात, पहली वो मुलाकात,अब भी याद है|प्यार का वो पहला ख़त, तेरी वो Read More

My Happily ever after

Few years back i lived in a dream world of my own. A world where i was the princess n there was hope of a prince charming.. The prince w'd rescue me from a castel guarded by a fierce dragon Read More

an evening on rooftop

Tired after work she came to her room and after taking shower went straight to the rooftop.There was she leaning over the over sized railing of the building. She rested her elbows on the railing Read More

zindagi jane kis mod par le ayi hai..

zindagi jane kis mod par le aayi hai,ab to har waqt, har su, bas tanhayii hai.intzaar ki had bhi ab par ho chuki,dil ki har aawaz mein bhi ek ruswayii hai.....meri yaadon mein bas Read More

सुकून के पल

वो बचपन की शैतानियाँ लड़कपन की नादानियाँ माँ के आँचल की छाँव मेरा Read More

तब तक यूँही...

ख़ुशी की मुस्कान चेहरे पर मेरे,आई है फिर से, नैन है भरे|फिर वही ठिठोली, Read More

रोज़ की कहानी

प्रभात का सुप्रभात तो कब का हो गया,अपनी तो फितरत है ऐसी,निद्रा की आगोश Read More


apne deewanepan ki saza mujhe kabhi to milegi,mere ishq ko teri raza kabhi to milegi,meri wazah se tere hothon ko hansi kabhi to milegi,haan tabhi, meri kafir rooh ko zannat milegi..... Read More

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