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Society- stay away

So dear society my tale goes like this Half things you’ll get and half things you’ll miss I have lived bound in chains for years a dozen and three And even after more than 60 years By no means I Read More

Life Song

Your life isn’t a road It wasn’t meant to come to an end Instead make is flexible So that you can walk around the bend Your hands aren’t paper It wasn’t meant to be cut Instead take a Read More


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page of it. Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it brings a change that is deep and permanent, in our daily life and the Read More

God- reality or illusion?

A high wave broke my concentration; all I stared at was the red sun setting down. The sea at the horizon had become red as if washed with some one’s blood. Co-incidentally some one had died. I Read More


Wakes you up at the Middle of the night Makes you a part of Those endless fights Shows you things that are Too good to be true Gives you tears that Get washed with the dew Some may see them While Read More

Dear Departed

Dear Sister, I have always treated you like a human, ignoring the fact that you were much better than them. After all you had a tail and a bit of fur. I still remember the day when you made a giant Read More

26 hours @ NH 34

We drove along the moist road as the sun kept peeping from behind the mighty clouds. We had decided to come to a trip to Sikkim in the vacations. The fact that made it memorable was that we three Read More

I have a life

Life is a race And within every challenges And quests I have to face I completely forget that I have a life Torn between our own Responsibilities and desires And our family pressurizing us Read More

Does friendship have an expiry date????

Thinking of letting this story as well begin with a question. Does everything have an expiry date? Does love or for that matter friendship have an expiry date? I do not know the answer. Maybe. Of Read More

Come Back Zayn

Dearest Zayn Malik I am clueless why am I writing this. You will never read this. Expecting you to do so is impossible and impractical. But being a fan I am eager to write to you. Like others I Read More

Silent Killer

You must have seen, read and heard millions of stories against smoking and you must be fed up of them. So bad news is that this is one of them. Most stories focus on the ill health of the smoker and Read More

Dharamshala: The land of Dalai Lama

The only gift I can give to my host for a week is a travelogue. A travelogue, yes I am not denying the fact that it is a travelogue but it is much more. It is a sneak peek into the life of ordinary Read More

Sorry! I cheated

Dear Principal madam I am a student belonging to class 9 who has just been caught cheating during the half yearly exam. Madam till now we have thrown all the light to your side of the story, now I Read More

Just another "dog story"

PROLOGUE My father owned 2 dogs in his childhood, so he already had some sort of connections with dogs and some connections you know never break and so really that is the case with dogs. They were Read More

Away from darkness

“Do you still dream?” said the boy. “Yes, I do. But they are nightmares.” replied the girl. And they sat there away from all the darkness, in their own world of light. ”Hard times pass, Read More

Can you forget me?

It's all happening once again why did she become precious whom to notice earlier I did fail I ran all the way to the station just my dear to stop you & you a fake friend couldn't you wait atleast a Read More

A page from my life

“For better or for worse it’s over. I don’t want to look back again.” I said this line to myself on my way back to home from PTM. Everything was wrong. I don’t know, I can’t explain it Read More

The girl with a dream

All alone on a winter evening sitting near the beach I felt myself like a grain of sand against the vastness of the sea. Life is a path, a journey which has several ups and downs, days and nights. Read More


The name alone suggests what the write up is all about. It all started yesterday when I co-incidentally spotted Shalini, my childhood friend in the same shopping mall where I was shopping. We went Read More

The last day

Everybody writes about their first day, First day is the most uncertain and exciting day but today was my last day in Bhubaneswar. Yes, the city of temples. I was seeing the smooth streets and the Read More

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