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It is not a love story

Guy:So option 1 is, you want me to be sleazy by making a move and by telling her awful that guy is?[10.14] Friend: yes. If eveything goes right she will date you and dump him.[10.14] Guy: Do you Read More

aint we all just stars??

Please don't see just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies. Please see me as a boy fighting to cross sorrows' sea. Touch me,and let's see where we end up in the end. Best laid plans; sometimes are Read More

The Exiled God

In the history of the causes, origins, battles and betrayals of that most tragic bloodletting known to humanity, The War of Gods could arguably be called the most heinous of them all. It is the Read More

My Girlfriend is an actress

It was my first date with Sneha and we were in a café which was filled with couples. I always wanted to come to this café with a beautiful girl whom I could adore for hour. She had big beautiful Read More

Girl in the Night(a non linear story)

Vani came out of her bed on a rather overcast Mumbai morning at around 12pm, trudging to the bathroom and turning taps on the shower. She undressed sulkily and stood before the mirror but to her Read More

It is a boy girl thing

First Semester(HE): He was nervous,it was evident but somehow the idea of meeting new people excited him. He reached around 9.30 and entered the class. So many faces, each one with so many dreams to Read More

The (Not so)Perfect Proposal

[fiction writing after a long time. it will cost 5 mins of your life. So if you are willing to spend 5 mins of your time, then go ahead.......] The mall was fizzing with chatter and noise of Read More


It has been my tenth night without any sleep. The wailing is getting torturous to my soul day by day. It is my daughter. She won't stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her Read More

The Girl Who Lived ( 5 sentence story)

The night sky was filled with myriad of colorful firecrackers. The atmosphere was fizzing with the smell of fire and smoke. With all the noise of the crackers and giggling of happy men and women, Read More


My heart is broken, nobody could help it mend Feels like walking a road without any bend The cuts are deep, without you I can’t breathe Come back! Or I would let them bleed…………. So, Read More

For the First time

5:45 am. promise me, you won't do anything stupid. okay mom, i get it. no smoking, no drinking. i have to get going. NOW. 8:00 am. look what we got for us!, she says. as we climb onto the Read More

Talking Dead

I can't move, breathe, speak or hear and it's so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated Read More

I Like The Road Less Taken

Sometimes I love to walk And run And hide from places where others might be too I love going deeper farther faster than the others I climb to the farthest rock Walk the longest distance Go the Read More

She is a......

I loved everything about her, so I introduced her to all my friends, and they loved her too, so she slept with all of them. Read More


Waking in the cool sand. Tide coming in. Moonlight and emptiness. No not emptiness. Life is everywhere you just can't see it Sharks are feeding. Stars are burning Fish are hiding. Waves crashing Read More


Most wonderful woman God gave to me You fill my heart with so much joy and glee Everything I will drop just to heed your call Together with you I can face it Read More

The mysterious painting

Failing to comprehend That painting of the saint In colors gray and white Eyes as dead as a wight Gloomy and sad without a smile The picture was a mystery No one ever told me its history Flashing Read More

The Last Goodbye

A poem written with lots of emotion and passion about my one true love. Do read. I hope you understand my feelings..... No drink or drug could ever be enough To make me forget How much I Read More

No Tomorrow

As soon as she saw the front of the train come whooshing out of the tunnel, mummy would grab hold of my wrists and yank them back to a safe distance so I wouldn’t get slapped hard on the legs by Read More

Dance of Democracy

The time to vote has come The only time politicians don’t Behave like a scum Politicians are everywhere, in every corners and nooks Each one is fighting for the winning glory coz Nobody wants to Read More

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