The Quill....



Losing hopes of winning the game Enervated sprit, effete I am Lost in the imbroglio Lost in the search of name I have lost my hopes, inspirations I have lost my soul’s innate celebrations My Read More


A girl so alone Feeling desolated Feeling enervated Trying to smile But tears are shedding In her deep eyes, unfathomable Grief is pertaining In the nadir of her soft heart Loneliness is finding Read More

Suicide note of a loser .....

I am striving in this gloomy world, A world of despair and pain, Lugubrious are the circumstances, & all my efforts are going in vain. Smiles seem to mock at me, And tears make fun of Read More

Lines from mother to daughter,,….

They say u will be a burden for me They say u will be a trouble for me Instead of u, if there had been a boy They say he would be a real dear to me But, I see in your eyes Love of nature, reflection Read More

HMM AtTaCk..

Hmmm attack Yesterday, in night When no one was there in sight Someone came at WB, at on odd time Opened my poems, not one but nine Polled “hmmmm” on all nine creations Whether on society or on Read More

A sad-happy tale…

I was calm In my life, warm Alone yet happy Counter strike, movies in my lappy She came as wind I felt her presence Thought of her, for moment She was at the fence I theft a glimpse Then got back to Read More

I am ready to fly

To this world of fake ostentation Animated care, ample obligation I wished to shout hard, wished to cry Now I am going to break all restrictions Colligating my courage, I am ready to fly When I Read More

pledge of a writer at wb.......

No one knows me here What I write, none of writers care I just write my heart out But can’t produce that loud shout So that all can hear I am here But should I stop writing Or should I leave this Read More


Main ek bachpan hun, ek bhola bhala bachpan, Na jati ka bodh hai mujhe, na kal ki chinta, Na dukh ki khabar hai mujhe, na sukh ki parwah, Main to bas ek bachpan hun, ek bhola bhala bachpan. Ek din Read More


Bikhre panno ko beenker aaj sametna chaha Saleeke se lagage unme chipi yado ko jeena chaha Per waqt ki dhool se wo alfaaz mit se gye hain Rishto ki wo midhas, wo khoobsorat jajbat ab simat se gye Read More

A different girl

I heard a story, perhaps concocted one Known to few or known to none A different girl, she was, very different indeed She was the one, ready, for anyone in need She was candid, unequivocal were her Read More

Weak Human Race….

I was standing, lost in my view In my thoughts about my life Having niche for a few A horn, loud indeed, sharp too Brought me back to mundane, tangible world I realized I am at the gate of the Read More

A Hungry Beggar...

Looking at it, feeling numb Under hunger I am going to succumb Wrinkles at my face getting deep Someone threw food packet from a jeep I can see shiny bread, peeping out Out of joy, my heart is trying Read More

The Wonder girl......

After pondering deep into the ocean of thought After battles with myself, those, inside, I fought My emotions are starting wrapping with the ink I am in my world of silence, to contemplate, to Read More

that window of time..........

today in the bus where few were sitting, few were without a seat i got a seat of window and started watching that gray road of concrete suddenly i got an eye towards my image in that filmed window Read More

My dream..........

Today I saw a shooting star, I then closed my eyes to ask a wish for me, My mind started contemplating, & was thinking of asking property and lots of money. Oodles of thoughts surrounded me, Then Read More

ek nanhi kali....

Ek kali(bud) ko jo maine dekha Dekhker wo b mujhe muskati hai Khamosh ankho se wo kuch punchti hai Chup hoker b lakho batein keh jati hai Door se use dekhker mera boodha dil Kuch pal k liye fir hans Read More

Rich pain and Poor pain…….

What a strange topic it looks, On first glance, it seems to be meaningless, But this is story, a very common story, And, is a real one, not from books. It defines the conditions of two humans, Humans Read More

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