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Of peacock and royal bengal tiger!: Part 1

Reasons to like, Reasons to improve. Ah,this myriad country, Gets me to thoughtfully groove! We have scams and forgery, We have dreams and bravery. The farmer toils hard for money, The politician Read More


It's time for the final write-up! I just want to thank srijan and his team on writerbabu for being my pen pals for so long.My journey began almost 2 years ago and it really has been a great one! I Read More

Fighting Fate

She walks with a smile, With a dagger in her heart. People stare at her full, Their eyes getting a headstart. Every turn she takes, A whistling sound stranger makes. To shout or to just let go, She Read More


The water trickles on the window, The path to be taken not yet known. Escaping getting cut by glass, Absorbing its fate and moving on. Memories of my life rush past me, Of fulfillment in the empty Read More

Employee's Nightmare!

There goes my boss, With a wave of his hand. No files to attend, Only my head left to bend. Status of job he asks, Knowing well about pending tasks. I say pending still and look down, In my ears,ring Read More

Thanks WriterBabu !!

It was a dream come true, To be heard by people who understood. Struck by words of thunder, Savoring the poems for all their blunder. Comments were made on good posts, Bad ones took a bashing at Read More


The sun smiles slow, Washing my body in glow. Slowly coming up mound, With orange,I am surround. The world is for few genuine, Left over is the haughty queen. With rag like hair and pachyderm feet, A Read More


The dew lies free, In a world of its own. With the grass by side, Sleeping snugly at night. Promising of long talks, Between me and my love. It resides in my dreams, As beautiful as my Read More

Dancing in thought

Randomly I choose, With the valor of refuge. Strikingly I dance, Assuming a stressful stance. My feet are harassed, The floor jabs through. I twitch and turn, In the moment, I burn. Written by stuff Read More

Shadow of fear

A shadow lurks nearby, Wanting to replace me. Simmering with contempt, The vice dripping along. I look around in fear, The silence makes me cold. A faint din I hear, Abandoning my life of being Read More


You are gone now, Nothing of your body remains. Yet you live in me, A part of your soul has replaced mine. I remember our walks, When I used to talk a lot. You used to wag your tail and Read More

Creation's Voice

A wonder of freedom erupting forth, A bubble of joy bursting in growth. Sticking to the path lesser known, An outcome of tree from sapling sown. The lullaby of life echoes in ears, The small air kick Read More

Writing Odyssey

Passion flowed without bondage, I glowed in its soft surrounding. Hidden by the foliage at times, The dream became my life. Society clicked its heels and marched, Some gave a dime,others trampled Read More

Lust or love?

An eternity to embrace, A dilemma to brave. What entails our lives, Is it selfish love or selfless lust. Many times cog in wheels, Not wandering on the hard road. Much too less a smile of Read More


How I wish I could fly, Into a land of peace. An atmosphere of happiness, Coming from within. No jugglery of words, A plain,resounding truth. A concoction of satisfaction, Made to the finest Read More

Few words!

I am a drop of dew, I am a cloud out of queue. I am the bark of a tree, I am simply me. I am the flowing hair, I am the changing fare. I am the world you see, I am simply me. I am the shadow in your Read More

Mom will understand!!

A trickle of laughter, Her whole world gets lit up. Mom will understand, She always does. A thorn pricked out skin, Her heart goes dry. Mom will understand, She always does. An angry outburst over Read More

Ministerial cheers!!

The kingmaker has come, To shield us from the sun. A human with god-like persona, Praises of whom are heard in arizona. What a journey it has been, Running from temple to post. Moving into the heart Read More


Within my soul, I know I am true. You accuse me much, Turning me blue. My mind is green, A thought-maze unseen. I know my worth, You should tell that not. Within me lie my emotions, Of abandon and Read More


I know not when I emerged, From the bonds of death. Embracing and entangling, Decisive and incisive to core. My destiny was written, Not in the dim-lit lanes of hell. It was engraved upon stone of Read More

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