The paper on the road

By - Nishant Dash in Open Category
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Published on: 11th Sep, 2013

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In hindsight,I was right.In the forward path,I was wrong.The story I also didn't know.It unraveled slowly.Mysteriously chugging along,making my whole body quiver with anticipation.Book writing is an art they say.'They' comprising of wanton socialites and glorified hoodlums.I want to agree with them. Yet,at the end of it all, I have to disagree. My journey started on that morning when I was taken to the local sweetmeat shop by my master.A stout man with a paunch stomach.His only claim to fame were the jalebis and samosas he made. It was widely acknowledged as the 'de facto' lord of the stomach.'Pappu' bhaiya was famous.Oh yes,my master's name was pappu. He might have been named something else but then luck has a distinct role to play always.His father christened him

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