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Fight to love harder

The night was silent, lying on bed were two souls, two bodies, a couple- drifted apart. Had a fight, hours ago, no one initiated to solve. Young love- it wants to be pampered, approached, wants to Read More

The Bride

She looked in the mirror, at her own image, staring back at her. Dressed in her red wedding lehenga, she donned the best of the look, magnificent jewellery around her neck, bling bangles along Read More

Born to Breakfree!

I was born to be a free soul I was born to fly Gone out for a stroll No rules go by They tried to catch me To tie back my wings Coz they just didn't see The magical view and the things No Read More

The joy of waiting

You must have waited for someone you were about to meet at some time? For once, we all must have. How does it feel? For the first ten to fifteen minutes you’d be busy with your smartphone playing Read More


And sometimes when I sit alone Somewhere lost in my thoughts Looking at nothing really But staring at the blank wall I think of the time When I were not lost Inside Read More

Tomorrow will be too late!

What are we doing? Seriously, what are we doing to the environment? We as humans, the so called most intelligent and evolved species ever born on this earth, I seriously doubt. We call this earth Read More

The Last Wish

As she slowly opened her eyes, she heard the continuous beeps of the monitor on her side, and scanned the entire room she was admitted to, plain ceiling, bland walls and lots of machines by her side, Read More

He-She stories

#2 He Loved her and she loved him. He waited for her to confess and so did she. Two years later, they got married... To someone Read More

The girl who lives opposite my House

The girl who lives opposite my House Has no friends, family or spouse I see her everyday from my window Sometimes I see her, other times her shadow The girl is strange, not like all Lives alone, in a Read More

He-She stories

#1 That one "I Love you" he never said She sits everyday practising "I Love you too" in return That one hug he never gave her She stands on her toes to match up to his height That one kiss they never Read More

All in all it’s just another hole

Disclaimer: Could be strictly offensive and unacceptable for some. Kindly stop reading when you don’t feel like and leave; Thanks Why is it that women are treated as objects? We’re living Read More

How do I say?

How do I say How I feel about you How do I say You’re like the early morning dew How do I say How much I care How do I say You’re in my every wish, in every prayer How do I say You mean Read More

The Beauty and the Beast

We live in a world where physical appearance is the criteria by which people judge how as a human being you are. We live in a world where your level of fairness is directly proportional to the number Read More

I'd die now

Darkness of the night Results of a fight Mind has blown By behaviors shown Never expected Had not suspected Would be blamed like this Crushed than being kissed Nothing pays For being kind these Read More

Reason(s) for polling Humm

So after receiving 100s of humms on my posts, I have decide to analyze the probable reasons why people would poll Humm on a post (without any complains/hate messages in the author poll column) Read More

Failure in life

Just like any other person, I am also an individual with a distinct personality, though not very attractive, yet I manage to look decent, I have a strong opinion about things, I have my own wishes Read More


Hello! babus! Since WB is all about trends and I thought of starting a new trend now, only if all other babus join in The latest was a 5-sentence story trend started by Sushree [So innovative! :) Read More

I do remember you!

Hey you, favourite stranger Stranger? Definitely not a stranger to me I remember waking you up at midnight when scared When no one stood by me, you were the one who dared I remember the night Read More

Full circle

Smile because you can Live for you are a man Dance in the rain Don't let your efforts go in vain Laugh your heart out Control whenever you want to shout Cry when you can't take it Promise Read More

28, woman and unmarried

A typical day in my life (currently) starts at 8 in the morning when I wake up to get ready for my college, I go straight into the bathroom, get ready, come out to have breakfast on the dining table Read More

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