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Authentic rape: A minority. Islam as the solution.

The luxury of dumping belongs to a girl only. That's sexual freedom for her. And what if boy does so? Well, it will become "rape". Welcome to the unequal and unjust world of feminism, where women are Read More

Why Islam prohibits marriage with non-Muslims?

Marriage is an institution. Any institution/system can only be stable if its member follow certain common rules. Better if the rules are in harmony with the human nature. Can an institution (say a Read More

*Non-virgin: A ghost personality and a parasite.

"Virginity is not dignity, it's the lack of opportunity". This popular qoute is based on the assumption that people are virgin because they lack opportunity and not because they are Read More

Fantasies about dusky girls.

That if you press on her skin she will ooze sunlight, because these bodies do absorb them. That They might have sunlight in their veins, just like light signals in optical fibres. That the reason for Read More

Burning libido and consolations of Quran

It's when I wake up in the last minute. I run for office without masturbating. So today, I'm pressure cookered with sex. I'm sexually very sensitive. I'm my... glans. I board the bus. Today every Read More

Sexual exclusivity, Islam and Familial bond.

Love has to come out, anyhow. However, when it spills out to wife and wife only, it's with intensity. And this becomes the cause of a strong familial bond. Compare this to non-Islamic Read More

Viral belief

Inheritance of arrogance And when belief is its essence How does one reach compromise? So...through horse's knees let blood rise! No matter which Prophet they assasinate The God's message never Read More

You all are intellectual masturbators

You all are tourists, here. Or may be voyeurs, because after all you do not pay for what you see. You derive pleasure in other people's sufferings. You watch other's account of sufferings, here, Read More

Breathing equations and the solution

"The curve that you see here, intersects the X-axis at 0 and Y at....", with these words the maths teacher infront of my eyes faded to oblivion while the vivid mental imagery of a curvaceous lady Read More

Dialogues on virginity

"Sochiye agar aapki hone waali biwi inheen hotels mein kisi aur ke saath aish kar rahi ho".. I asked pointing towards the neon displays outside numerous hotels at Mahipal-pur, to my friend Irfan who Read More

Intuition of symmetry and first orgasm.

Those childhood intuitions for symmetry/opposites.While watching a butterfly, or our own body and how it's left resembles the right, or how mother and father act as opposites but complementry, Read More

Bribery, Sex and the pristine Justice of Allah

You can catch a bribery in action, and there can be many excuses defending the act. It could be justified as money lending, or pay back of a loan, or be a gift, for example . Hence, 'both' of them Read More

Hypocrite protestor

Men are shameless hypocrites. In the name of love they will have sex with their girlfriends and then dump her, for the one whom they want to marry (variety, you know :P); isn't this rape?Ask Read More

Allah says to lower your gazes

He didn't look people in the eyes while talking. In general with everybody, and in particular this action was more obvious when he talked to girls. He would rather hover his eyes over the arms, Read More

Humse to 'engliss' bhi nahin aataa hai!

Shahnawaz: Humse to 'engliss' bhi nahi aataa hai, ladki ka dil kaise jeetein?I: Be-buniyaad baat hai ye. Ladki ka english se kya lena-dena? Bus sach boliye. Sirf such.Shahnawaz: Sach Read More

I'm '2'. Nobody told me, but I feel so. I don't...

I'm '2'. Nobody told me, but I feel so. I don't know what it means (to be '2'), but since I cannot feel otherwise, it must be true.In nights I get huge desire to extend/multiply mySELF Read More

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