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Then, She Smiled.

It is not bad when you feel it is right. Indeed it was right for her. The age of innocence they say. Every scream has its own wave. The fault never is focused on something right but for something Read More

I am B a c k

Sorry folks, this is David.A. Had been away from this site for months. MISSED IT LIKE HELL. WILL COME UP WITH A STORY WHICH WILL RUN IN chapters SOON. AND A HI TO ALL NEW Read More

Start Loving Yourself- Love All :)

Understanding your problems is a key. But what is the problem? We are surrounded by confusion of this and that. The problem is that we are not sure of ourselves. We watch thousands of movies and Read More

Start Loving Yourself- That Jealousy


Start Loving Yourself- Conquer Yourself :)

He tried everything, every single thing that he could possibly try. He failed; every attempt of him was a failure indeed. He felt betrayed every time and truth haunted him for what it made him. He Read More

Loving Yourself- First Defy Yourself :)

Ever heard a story of a boy who was ugly? He was not ugly by heart though. He roamed silently about the colleges. He had friends but somewhere there was no bout with them. He always had a feeling of Read More

Start Loving Yourself

There is a boy who works hard. There was a boy who parties hard. What is the difference between these two boys? One works hard and other enjoys. Now the question is who is happier? Can we define Read More

A Quest With Pain- Chapter 4

link for the chapter 3 - ... 3rd January, 2012, Shahpur A 16 year old girl was brutally murdered. The girl was shot one time on the head and two times on the chest. Her legs were twisted and Read More

Diary of A Pros-ti-tute , by David.A

How I got in to this business is not a big thing to know. I am not a damn Bill Gates that people would be interested in knowing what the hell I am up to or how I got in to this business. Today was Read More

A Quest With Pain- Chapter 3 by David.A

Link for the Chapter 2 ... 2nd January, 2012, Rock View A 19 year old boy was murdered. His neck was cut by using a sharp blade. His fingers were cut and thorns were planted on his stomach. The Read More

A Quest With Pain- Chapter 2

Link For The Chapter 1 ... 1st January, 2012, Mirajpur A 42 year old man was murdered. He was shot at the chest with a 4 MM gun. His head was twisted and his fingers were cut. Thorns were Read More

P.S-IAM SORRY by David.A

So this is just a post written to ask you all fellow writers and competitors of GANGS OF WRITERBABU contest. THE MISTAKES I DID: 1-polled randomly 2- posted quotes(copied) It was my bad for having Read More

A Quest With Pain - Chapter 1

Intro- This is a fiction and all characters and places are imaginary. I have written this with interest. I want this story to be interesting. After reading the first chapter, whoever read so can Read More

Why Is He So Selfish?

You see that kid every day Shy, boiled, and petrified, Everyone think of him as a Creepy one… He is the one you see Everyday…. Maybe he is too selfish to accept that Maybe something has happened Read More

A Simple Story Of A Faggot

I always thought that somehow I will stay alive to see this day come through. Profound lies, unsaid words made it all worse than I could have ever imagined. It was nine in the morning when the news Read More

I Was A Good Husband Till I Murdered My Wife...

I am a doctor, my name is Dev Verma. I am an Indian but I reside in New York, so that’s why I am an American citizen. I wanted to be a doctor since my childhood, you know what I mean, dreams? I am Read More

An Alien Hand- A Last Letter Of An Eighteen Year

Hi I am Neha; I lately turned 18 years old. I used to be a normal girl. I had my friends circle, a good one. Priya was my best friend; I used to share everything with her. We were best friends Read More

WHO .R.R.R. U ?

I was this innocent kid, I was hurdling round freely. I thought you loved me. You took me in to your arms, Hugged me, cuddled me. You did everything to bring a smile in me. Was that love of your Read More

Crazy Bitch...

Me being the normal kid, fit to burst with loads of shit, Hiking by the grounds, I had found you, oh yeah! Your presence caused interruption to my well known life. Those curly hairs, hazel eyes and Read More

Dreams(Part 2)

Before you read this I want you guys to read the part 1 here is the link ... A huge jerk woke him up. He was sweating profoundly. “What the hell was that”? He mumbled slowly. He searched for Read More

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