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Published on: 24th Dec, 2013

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PAST- I boarded the train to Itanagar, were I was to meet Rohan. From Itanagar, myself and Rohan were supposed to go Kharagpur where we were to meet Varun. It seemed so strange. We were going to meet after 4 years. After graduation we had promised to keep in touch but the busy life had taken over us. It’s been 4 years now, it just seems like yesterday. I am a software engineer in AYC Company and it takes hell lot of work from us. And at the end I am so exhausted that I can’t get time even to eat. Many times I wondered how my buddies would be. How exciting those days were. As we grow we lose, it just melts us down. I had no contact information of Varun, I just knew that he was working in a cement company as Chief Engineer. There and now I used to call Rohan and t

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The book is well conceived but I felt it was too hurriedly written, skipping over many details.Always remember whenever you're writing a book you have to proceed slowly. It's like the entire season....spring, then summer, autumn and then winter...

A book is always well planned and can help you reach your creative best if your expressions flow from within....anyways it was a sincere effort and you managed to convey what you wanted to say....the friendship of friends and the value of a life whenever you're in the process of living it...

Good luck and keep writing

Vikram Gulati

Written by: Vikram Gulati   ∣   Added:   January 6th, 2014

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