Behind My Sanity

It’s soothing in its own magical way The thunder, the lightning and, The sky taken over by clouds raging That scares most away The thumping window Read More

The broken wall

We write about different things and for different reasons. some want to have fame, some want to share knowledge, and some want to deliver the things they can not speak directly. the people like me Read More

He can be found only in the hearts!

Allah! He is the one who created me, He is the one who took care of me, He is the one who knew the things I ever felt, He is the one who understood me, He is the one who forgives me, always He is Read More

Wandering notions

They say that “time always changes” and that “it does not remain same forever. But for me it seems to be a lie. My life seems to be stuck! Every passing year, only my age changes and all the Read More

Time to stop being bookish!

"being happy" _ the most commonly misinterpreted thing! How can it merely depend on just one's own self to be happy when there are others there affecting him all the time!! Obviously, he is a human Read More

Do we really know what LOVE is???

Love ? what is it ? We are all gifted with this pure feeling, For we have an organ in which there resides the love of God! If you love, and if you know the meaning of love, Just do a favour to Read More

Just a moment_ a moment that made me smile :)

not knowing what to say, I am here to scirbble down my feelings because I am feeling like writing today what to write about, the feb rain? Or the long walk getting wet in Read More

A warning or a news_ Love of my Creator !!

It is the first time I am writing on the thing I have been experiencing for many years. Sometimes the messages are a news for me and the other times, they are a warning, and yet at many times they Read More

(No more words)

There always comes a time in one's life when one has no answer or words to respond to a certain situation but a smile! That smile which conceals all one's pains and fears, all one's desires and Read More

Uncertainty_ the best thing about life

The best thing about life is its Uncertainty. To most of us it can be the worst thing also! But let me tell you, it is much better than just "best" that our lives are uncertain. We never know what Read More

Problem with the post and editing :/

the updated look of the site is quite lovely. But I am having a little problem here :p As I always have with the good things or is it the good things who create problems with me :D anyways, there are Read More

You are not mean, But just yourself!

You are not always supposed to do what others want you to do! You are not always supposed to act normal when you are not you are not always supposed to laugh when you don't want to you are not Read More

Going Mad ?? ... NaH :p

Feeling up? Without any reason sometimes? Haha, you are mad :O ? Nah! you are not :) Just the case is you are sick of being down most of the times! They say you are idle. Oh yes I am idle, but is it Read More

WBs you made me all Emo today :p

Read one, two, three and then the next! All of the stories touched directly my heart! I had a pain in my knee and I felt even more colder! Could not stop myself from getting emotional. The Doll and Read More

Being Santiago

The Alchemist, the one who can turn lead into gold, knows the language of world and can penetrate in to the Soul of the World! "When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to give Read More

Love- Ever Increasing

Falling for some one is as easy as to get attentive to the source of light in the darkness! But what really matters is to keep looking up to that light! to feel the same every moment! Because, at Read More

Love of Tea <3

Feeling fresh with a cup of hot black tea, as if it is what will make you free of all the tiredness of all the sadness you are so confident about it as if your brain Read More

Polls??... Never bothered :)

I do not care whether I get something or nothing for my writing... All I care is about to give my heart a way to feel light_ and it does not know any other way to give vent to its feelings than Read More

Am I alive??

Am I alive??? I had been neglecting myself just after asking the same question for a long time,,, and getting busy again in the routine work and putting the self analysis always on the next day!!! I Read More

i was not stupid, but i was young!

yes i was stupid when i was young,i was stupid when i was straight forward,i was stupied when i didnot hesitat to ask even the commonly known things, but yet vague to me,i was stupid when Read More

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