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A cup of coffee

Have you ever felt the urge to do something that totally defies common sense. Just for the heck of it. Well I have. May be I am a little weird in that way. It was midnight and I was still awake. Read More


  The bag was all packed. Toiletaries,clothes ,camera,a few novels and a diary. It was midnight. He knew his parents wouldn’t agree. So he wrote a note and left it on his Read More

A common story

Like a dream she came ,with life and hope. And he thought she may be the one/ They became best friends in no time, and one day she said she love someone/ His heart was Read More


I dont know what am I doing here, What the price I am gonna have to pay.   I feel like  trapped inside my soul, Where I do not want to Read More

Hang in there

Nothing is lost till the curtains drop Dont you ever give up ,dont you ever stop.   I know  how hard it is to carry on When the world feels dark and hopes Read More


The sky looked perfect with its gloomy radiance as it bathed in the moon light. It drizzled only a few hours ago. The dark clouds were all gone as if they never were there. The chilly breeze was Read More

Free Bird

The way I breathe in dreams, The way I feel the air, Seems so different, seems so real Which I cant feel in here. Where the world knows the rule where it goes by only codes. I feel Read More

Twin buds of flower

The dusky sky has a shade of yellowish orange transcending from the setting sun. A chilling breeze has started to flow giving shiver to the spine. But enthusiasm of the young boys didn’t seem to Read More


The shirt was soaked in sweat as he woke up almost jumping from the bed. Ticking of the clock was clearly audible, which was there somewhere on the wall. His eyes took a few moments to get Read More


Some incidents are not so easy to forget and some are worth remembering. An event which may seem a setback, can also have another angle. It’s how we see that matters. One partially filled Read More

The darkest night

The house was old and dark. It seemed that no one has ever stepped a foot here in near past. It was raining cats and dogs. Rohit didn’t have an option but to enter the house and take shelter. Read More


Through the open window the welcoming winter breeze giving a chill in spine was gushing in,but Bittu let it to touch his face. His eyes have become reddish. But He Read More


It is all dark- not only the room but the whole goddamn world. Probably there has been a load shedding in the locality as he doesn’t see the street light illuminating his opaque Read More

#Intern story: A change yet to come

It was a rainy day and a very boring one. I guess before the dawn could have broken the silence of the dark, it started raining cats and dogs. My semester break was over the previous day Read More


It’s been raining all day. Ending the blaze of summer the monsoon has come to renovate the nature to its beauty once again. Rony was lying awake in his bed Read More


Never believed in the magic of you Always thought to control my life through. Determined and armed with never ending hope I fought every challenges,grabbed every scope. But you happened, showering me Read More


I don’t know how many of us felt this, but surely I can speak for myself. When I was single, I used to crave for someone special , whom I can say of my own. It was a terrible pain for me when I Read More


It was midnight. The land phone was ringing loudly.” Who the hell is calling at the dead of night”, Mr.Abhinabh Roy thought. He didn’t want to get up, but the phone didn’t stop Read More

A dip in memory

I have returned back to the days when I used to run in a park. The park full with cute li’l kids and their parents have evoked my memory to my childhood. It was so many days that I haven’t been Read More

The Right Choice

As final years of college are nearing fast two essential thoughts are coming in Arya’s mind. First, sitting for a campus interview and second, opting for higher studies. His heart goes with higher Read More

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