Tanvi Kaur

Mumbai, India, St.Xavier's College, Studies Humanities, Loves to read books, listens to music and a movie buff.

Dear Daughter...

Dear Daughter, It's going to be a long time before you come into my life and before you could even read this letter. Maybe one day you will read it and hopefully understand what I am Read More

Politics Of Beef

Much has been said and written over the hot debated topic of Beef Ban. As there are good number of supporters in the favor of the ban, there are equal number against it. Citing the ban as an Read More

What Are We Living For?

I am near my window with the laptop on my lap and wondering what to write. It is raining outside and it is cool and soothing outside. But my mind is a turmoil....a complete mess..like every Read More


To begin with I am quite lost about what to write. I mean it has been months since I have written a single word. Lately, I find it hard to find some inspiration, some motivation to write. And quite Read More

The Hunter

He sat there quietly, Gazing in the dark, Waiting and watching, Wondering and thinking. His eyes searched for her, far and wide His ears ached to hear her, loud and clear But she was not Read More

Je Suis??

Je Suis? Je Suis? .............Je Suis?? Are we so cruel to kill someone for something they said, which we found offensive? Are we so insensitive to comment on someone's religion which they hold Read More

Never The "Protagonist" In A Story.

So let's get this started. I totally think I can never be protagonist of any story. Let me list the points which totally prove it. 1.) All protagonists have an interesting life with ups and downs. Read More

Is it that easy to end?

I was just watching this television drama which made me think ' Do your real lives are also like that?' We see relationships being made and broken up in every second episode, but is it that easy in Read More

Left Alone....

She had been sitting on the bench for a while, no one seemed to notice her. Her dark hair was a mess, her eyes were dead and her lips dry. She was staring at the lake lost in thought. Read More

A Story With Phrases...

( I was asked to build a story using these phrases: trumpets blaring , my boss sweeps the floor , Thanks for sharing, my pet cat is a dog, sun-dried tomatoes . And this is what I wrote..) Read More

A letter to Death...from Fear

Dear Death, How ironical is the fact, my friend, that you take life out of every person that ever existed and you are someone who gives me life? You are the reason I exist, survive, Read More


Inspired from one of WB's post. This write up is something which I feel may or may not sit well with the readers. It is a point of view which may or may not be right. Please be patient with me. Read More

Let it go, Let it go...

As I watch the crepuscular sky, my innate dilemma seems to place me in a plentiful grief. And my thoughts.......wait..what the heck...I am writing......??..Well this is has to be the starting of a Read More

.....Just Me

I sit and wonder sometimes how it is that you are never mine. I sometimes look at the sky it’s too late and that is, why??? I always wanted to ask, the answer that lies in the mask that Read More

The Heartbreak....done and over with?

For the past ten minutes I was sobbing and the man sitting across kept passing me tissues without a word. He kept a neutral face. His black rimmed spectacles were very Read More

And you say you know me?????....

"Never judge a book by its cover." Many of you must have heard this saying a zillion times in your life. But how many of you have actually tried to apply it in your real life????......Well, I Read More

And there she goes.....the obsessed Fangirl!!!

So today I am going to write about something which apparently didn't hold any significance just a few months back. It was a term or a concept which just existed, and yeah that's it, it just existed Read More

Crazy in Love.....

Every time I look into your eyes, It makes me wannna hug you tight, So c'mon, c'mon be mine for tonight..... Everything will never be the same, If you meet me in the dark lane, And we can run Read More


Lets get this started.......my absence from writerbabu was marked by the entry of wattpad, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, we heart it and one direction addiction..obsession or whatever you would like Read More

The HANDSOME encounter!!!!!

It was an exhausting day...but I had made my resolution to go and buy second- hand books!!!.......I know it sounds silly but it was an excuse for escaping my mundane Read More

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