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Walk on the lane of Silence.

With the constant pace of footsteps backwards, comes a grin smile that adorns the lifestyle unseen, I asked, you gave, I fell happy, The situation alighted, dreams higher they soar, hopes magnanimous Read More

The Deciphering of Silence.

Off where thins of waters form the fabric of sea, into the dots of air veiling the sheath of sky! The absolute vacuum in between misinterpreted to be oxygen, also lies the untold truth of Read More

The parallel 'intersection'.

The ways the pathways end, seem unintended to converge, with the disguise of the evil's send, dissent of both on grounds of will. Flawed Taking the right decision, supposed to be one, wrong in Read More

By shores of Peace.

The seaside looks calm, buoyant, the solace grabs the chaos away. Soliloquies surrounded, thoughts impounding, The cheer of the silence deepens down, losses crying. I feel like home, the one where Read More

The Bird.

For reasons I fly, for reasons I breed, for reasons I watch the world, dissolve, I do not dance, I fly, I'm a bird. All the crimson that spreads and scatters, I go by silhouettes and be hidden in Read More

The Zero and The Infinity.

Where does the horizon weep, The conjuring of the Evening sky, And then does it move into delusions, The stammering of forceful bequeath! And that's when there's wondering, the mesmerize, Read More

The Parallel Worlds!

Maybe there have been times when human beings get distressed by the failures they receive as the token of karma(as they believe), on a broader perspective a vision of a sensible human being always Read More

Waiting for the start to start!

The sun wishes everyday, see the streets moan over monotony; I never would want to walk like this, I stoop low for there's no end to pray! Is there no end to the grief i posses, Isn't there any Read More

The resonating beauty!

Oceans across, light years ahead, soaring in the skies, the motivational brigade, is what we dream always, what we desire, emotions albeit, unknowingly set them ablaze! The wonderful view of the Read More

The worthy decision!

Of what worth are humans born? Of what worth the opportunities blown? Of what worth the life of an emotion-devoid? Of what worth the uncanny monotone in the celluloid? Akin, Blind men imagining, Read More

The 'dream' saga!

Greetings, beloved reality, what have I seen today, too hysterical; Am I encountering filth of reality, shamefully, yet sounding, instance too magical? Is it a curse-ridden path, Do I need to Read More


Hey girl, O my god, You came, electrifying the atmosphere, O lord; That stare of yours, sickens my vision, O my god, I stumble, fail to get the reason! The air chooses to kill my hair style, as Read More

The shadow named guilt!!

In the favor of dead plights, masking as power-ridden strides; Wish to saunter through weakness, envisioned to repair and form the bliss! Like the shadow that never disappears, even when the waters Read More


Millions of stars watching me, covered in the night's veil, stretch the hand to catch one in glee, fail, far it is, no matter how near the appearance! I fail to look down, gaze the sky, sparkling Read More

Glitter of Silence!

Walking down this street, path unquantified, exchanging pleasantries, to opportunities alike, unraveling the mystery that leads me through, successfully, brilliantly with the brain's powerful Read More

The Cliff of Hope!

The sky is moving away, The lush greens awaiting my fall; My hands and legs wrought, Falling prey to heart and mind's brawl! The eyes close, the air to take away the breath, Everything perplexes, Read More

You are Special!

It was a day silent, A 10 year old girl seated, tears; The bench-companion smiled, quiet ambivalent, Her parents left her under the concern of this boy! She was new, the boy never scoffed, he was Read More

At The Helms of Death!

"Any last wish?" The growl prompted, As he shined his pistol while he sauntered, single light, vastness limited to ground beneath, His blood thirst, the red eyes, intentions very neat! The fumbling Read More

Moving into the oblivion!

When something has a role to ruin the progress of a fine tuned life, they just happen to do it so stoically! While the desolation builds in, the happenings because of 'somethings' mar the beautiful Read More


Enthusiastic am i, reveries building, feelings mine; soulful is my voice, pious is my mind! God awaits, piety overwhelms, moving divinity, at the helms; the luggage, carries 'to-be-made' Read More

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