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One final one..

One final one, guys, then I'm done thanks for forbearing me as one wrote incessantly you polled constantly you folk got tired but I'm still fired good memories of fun on keys a fiddling a meddling it Read More

A tree

It fascinates me no end. I want to paint it on my canvas or complete it in charcoal. The branches look so seductive. The shades of brown, light and deep brown... Leaves in light and yellow greens Read More

why do i (not) write?

They never saw me, or polled me and painfully withheld my due. Some silly twerp continually commented negatively on my intricately hand crafted writes. There wasn't a mature man or woman who looked Read More

She's contented too

She begins her day reading these ...wb posts. Cobbler, derelict house, wannabe writer... Well, she looks forward to her day. Nothing great. But still draws from her a simple smile. She wouldn't go Read More

A look around ...

Gulmohurs..fiery.. all around me. As if they would burn me up the longer I gaze at them. Blushing red as if in full bloom, greeting my mornings Boganvillas...loaded in white and Read More

Who was better?

Hey, I read about two men the other day. Both were in the house of God. One looked askance at the guy standing next to him, his head bent. Feeling self righteous and smug, he declared, "God, I'm Read More

The itch

Hmmm.. I log in, click on red notifications. Good. Satisfied. But strangely want more comments. Anon or seen. Then go through the day's posts. Sometimes am glad they are brief! Sorry, really, I Read More

Dear suicide note....

Hope you are still there. Please don't give up hope. All's not lost yet. There's so much to life other than a mere IIT mains. I know you prepared real, real hard. It's really hard on you. Your hopes Read More

I watch and I watch

I watch this man walking in, tired in the evenings. Before he can keep his things down, he walks into the man's room. The man's face lights up. I love to see the duo. As the son rattles off his Read More

My favorite Wb author...guess?

It has to be..has to be ... He wrote and wrote spending sleepless nights..unrelenting even for one dull day.. Some in Hindi, some super English. Few went anon..lot of hidden humor. A studious, Read More

Page three gal

Page three gal In frills and furl On sofa she'd curl Cat eyed beauty Only doing her duty Does a meow ..meeee And she's soon found on page three. This pose and that Seductive but flat Sways to the Read More

To write...simply start!

To write simply start Let your mind be blank like a wooden plank Then touch the letter on the keyboard at random Never mind if it's an 'I' don't you feel shy See how the words pour straight from Read More

The little guy

As we traveled to the dentist this afternoon, I saw a small, poor boy on the road walking alongside our vehicle. He was pushing his crippled dad's small hand driven cycle rickshaw with his left Read More

Who wrote it?

A girl writes from her heart. of matters deep and true she then decorates her words to impress her beau The guy's in a tearing hurry he multitasks everything in a flurry the writing, the chat, the Read More

Seduction, seclusion and succession

He had just returned to his boss' home on some important errand. Work done, was about to leave, when she suddenly appeared. His boss' wife. Fair and doe eyed..a delicate beauty. She caught him by his Read More

Phet Met

"Monsoon arrival in city hinges on cyclone Phet." Read the morning newspaper. This summer being extremely humid , it wasn't something we really wanted.Last year the El Nino effect decided how little Read More

My recipe for life

Take two measures of love, add 1 tbsp of smartness, a wee bit of shrewdness. Mix them all well. Seperately beat four portions of selfishness till it liquidises to utter selflessness. Add 1 measure Read More

The seminaked girl

I was flipping through FB pages yesterday when one post caught my attention. A friend of mine, who's not so bent on posting anything usually, had shared it. I stared at the photo of a pretty young Read More

The hmmm gang

The hmmm gang. Always cool. In torn jeans n chappals. But think high. For them everything is below their dignity. Nose up in air...shoulders jerked backwards.. 'Oh's theek.' They mutter. Read More

Annoying Anon

Here am I again! Just can't stop my fingers from fiddling with the keyboard. I want to vent my feelings against a certain category... known as Anonymous. I read such amazing writeups and after I Read More

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