Life in Mumbai

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Published on: 17th Jan, 2013

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I was at the bank, a private one, some weeks ago, when a guy was overheard shouting in the manager's cabin. He appeared to be heavily drunk. After a while, he came out, saw someone laughing, he warned him, 'hasneka nai.' Suddenly everyone became quiet. 'Loot te hai, ye log humko loot te hai,' he declared. The manager came out, commanded him in Marathi to get out, and not disturb the customers. I wondered what triggered this intense expression from this drunk guy. Weeks later, I got an info by mail. My tax had been deducted. Puzzled, I called the same bank. "Didn't I fill up the 15 G form in front of you? I even have the acknowledgement copy with me." She replied it was not sent by her, as she had been on leave, but by her colleague. And that she had sent it to them within

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Different Moods

A nice collection of short short articles. It gives a feeling of random diary entry of a woman scattered over a period of time. The unique style of writing is really fresh and captivating and you won't be able to stop at any story before finishing the whole book. Great work.

Worthy of this first book review on WriterBabu.

Written by: Srijan Srivastava   ∣   Added:   February 22nd, 2013

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