An Eye For An Eye

By - Percy KingDawn in Fiction
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44 Pages

Published on: 16th Jan, 2013

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Prologue: I am an impulsive person. Sometimes I do things I regret later. But that day I decided to do something which I knew I would regret later, but as they say “Enjoy it while it lasts.” So what if my idea of enjoying meant to shut my eyes to everything around me. Literally. It is not easy to explain why I took that drastic step that turned my life into a crazy mess. I could have taken the easy way out. But it would have taken time and if there is anything I have learnt from my father’s death is that life is not that long and time is precious. So it isn’t me being rude when I don’t answer and just sit there when they ask me, “Why did you turn blind?” Here is my confession hoping you would bail me out as I donâ

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