Candace And Candies (Completed Novella)

By - Percy KingDawn in Fiction
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Published on: 17th Jan, 2013

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© 2012 He lunged for the girl, unwary of the danger he was putting himself in. The girl´s eyes dilated in fear which gave a twisted pleasure to him, one sick crunch and she was dead, he didn´t even want to feed on her or even touch her more than necessary. He dragged the body to a dumpster and went off in search of Candace again. After all, he had done this before, stalking innocent and some not so innocent girls and then killing them without a second thought. All in vain to forget that voice, those laughs haunting his mind, that strawberry smell of her attacking his senses. Always.

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Very interesting! I've read four chapters so far. I'm not a vamp fan at all but your writing kept me glued on. I'll be back for more :)

Written by: Pearl Alex   ∣   Added:   April 3rd, 2013

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