Just Hold On You Neva Know .............

By - Pratik Gawand in Fiction
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Published on: 26th Jul, 2014

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Semester 1 exam were about to end, only the last exam EVS and the preparation leave of 2days was allocated. December 2012 on Chat with Simran, after a hell long time, haven’t seen her or interacted for quite a while 2 month or so. Classes were over ,I couldn’t see her anymore it was hurting me and missing her so much ,made me go online on Facebook ,I found her online ,the bell started ringing in my mind I clicked on her . Utkarsh: hey hi Simran: hi!!!! How’s u?? Utkarsh: hmm good but not so fine. Simran: hmm long time Na haven’t seen you for a while and exam sucks  . Utkarsh: how were you semester exam?? Simran: I don’t know I have lost hope. Utkarsh: ha-ha all scholar lost hope of getting pointer 10 right. Simran: hahaha may be your r

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