By - Ishan in Poetry
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Published on: 1st Jun, 2013

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tum udaas kyun rehte ho.. wo muskurahat ab chehre pe ahat kyun na karti hai.. kisi ne kuch kaha tha kya.. koi shaqs tumhe milke bhi na mila tha kya.. koi dil ke saath yun khel gya lagta hai... pehle kitna jindadil tha.. ab ye ladka kyu na hansta hai.. kisi ke ishq me khud ko gawa diya.. kisi ne shayad iska dil jala diya.. nahi nahi, isse to apno ne hi rula diya.. tumne pucha usse jaake.. humse to kuch na kehta hai.. kya jindadil ladka tha kabhi.. ab to ik pal bhi na hasta hai.. Sau kisse sab ne keh diya.. kuch hisse meri jidagi se tod ke... fir thoda unhe marod ke.. thoda chai pe baithe hans liye.. kuch dinner pe mere gum par kaseede kas liye.. subah ko nikle shaam ko bikhre.. keh ke sab mere kisse.. jo raat hui to itminaan se so gye.. Kassh jo ikpal mujh ko padhte

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Reader Reviews ( 2 )

Collection of heart-felt poems

I have read few, will come back again to read more, it was an amusing read with your stress on title too, seems like title is making us to look for more,nice choice of words, urdu langauge is one such language who love it just cant resist it ever.
My good wishes for you.

Written by: Ruchi Chopra   ∣   Added:   July 21st, 2014
Amazing Collection of Poetry

I had been fan of Ishan's writing ever since he started writing here and I got to read his book few days back. This book is the collection of all his poetry here on WriterBabu and some more which he never shared before.

This is just mind blowing. The way emotions are portrayed and the way he drives you imaginations is incredible. You need to read his poems on by one and you need to spend some time with them to make them your own. I was able to connect to his poems as they reflect my own story to some extent and the play of words is just awesome. It is a must read for all Hindi poetry lovers. Just read it.

Written by: Srijan Srivastava   ∣   Added:   June 4th, 2013

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